Zah What Now?

Welcome to the latest home of Zahcast, a podcast that originally only existed in the mind of “Zahell” a high level mother and part time tankadin, “Flip” the long suffering father of her offspring and her assistant and Chief Tinkerer “Bob”.


After meeting through online gaming, via the PS2 MMO, Everquest Online Adventures (EQOA), Bob & Phil later rekindled the friendship in the game World of Warcraft.  By this point Zahell had been convinced to give this type of gaming a go and the rest, as they say, is history.


Of course history is littered with examples of very bad things…….


The usual format of a Zahcast is to invite a guest (usually from the Disciples of the Watch guild on the World of Warcraft EU server Aggramar) on to the show and barrage them with questions for 90 minutes, (most of which are just thinly veiled ploys to allow Zahell to talk about herself), however as we have used up most of the available guests we have most recently been recording “Zahcast Bytes” episodes which are 30 (ish) minutes episodes where Zahell can freely talk about herself.


The earlier shows (available in the Zahchive section) were recorded while Bob was living in the Netherlands (Phil & Z live in Wigan in the North West UK) over Skype and the show is still recorded this way as after a brief stay in Kent in the South East of the UK Bob now lives in Nantwich (about an hour South of Wigan.


We hope you enjoy (at least some of ) the podcasts and we really appreciate feed-back and suggestions (although we rarely agree with anyone’s opinions other than our own).